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London Travel Alexa Skill

See the topics below for help with the London Travel Alexa skill.

Installing the skill

You can install the Alexa skill from the website.

Checking for disruption

To check for disruption on any of the supported Transport for London (TfL) lines, ask:

"Alexa, ask London Travel are there any line closures?"

The following lines are currently supported:

Checking the status of a specific line

To check for the status of a specific London Underground line, the DLR, the Elizabeth line or London Overground, ask Alexa about the line you are interested in. For example:

"Alexa, ask London Travel what's the status of the Northern line?"

Asking about your commute

Note First you must link an account using the Alexa app and choose at least one favourite line in your preferences.

Once you have selected at least one favourite line for your commute, you can ask Alexa about your commute. Alexa will respond by telling you the status for each of your favourite lines.

"Alexa, ask London Travel what my commute's like today?"

Linking your account

To link your existing London Travel account to the London Travel skill:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your device
  2. Go to Skills
  3. Go to Your Skills
  4. Select London Travel
  5. Click Link Account
  6. Sign in with an account linked to your London Travel account

London Travel Website

See the topics below for help with this website.


To register for a London Travel account, visit the registration page and sign-in with an external account, for example with Amazon or Google. Once you have signed in to the chosen external account, a new London Travel account will be created using the email address associated with the account you signed-in with.

Once you have created your account, you can save your favourite line(s) for use from the Alexa skill once it has been linked to your account.

Signing in

To sign in to your London Travel account, visit the sign-in page and sign-in with an external account you have already linked to your London Travel account.

Setting your preferences

To set your preferences, such as your favourite lines, visit the homepage. From there you can select the line(s) which you're interested in by checking one or more lines, for example the lines you use to travel to and from work, and click the Save preferences button.

Managing your account

You can use the account management page to manage your London Travel account. For example, you can:

Contact Information

If you need any further help with either the London Travel Alexa skill, or this website, you can either: